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Borghi 1819

Pure & Simple

Pure as the white shirt in the summer.
Unique as the dress of dreams.
The quest for beauty and perfection: from fiber to fabric, from colors to the design.

We love details, because they make the difference.
Our story is our heritage, to share with people who believe fabrics are an art form.



Raw material

It all starts from a very accurate selection of the best raw materials, all top quality natural fibers.

Cottons selected from the best harvests in America, Egypt and Southern Africa.
Linens from Northern France and Netherlands cultures.
Shetland wools original from Scotland, silk and cashmere from China and Mongolia.

Before starting industrial production, all raw materials are checked and tested in our Group’s laboratories by qualified personnel, equipped with advanced machinery.



Industrial processing of raw materials into yarns and fabrics is all made in Italy with high technology machineries, leaving room to a touch of craftsmanship, and entrusting to the hand of man and its sensitivity to details that make a product special.

The industrial cycle is entirely processed in the factories of the group, from spinning to warping and weaving, and is completed with dyeing and finishing. The final stage of finishing is where the characteristics of the real Made in Italy come true, and fabric becomes the star

The entire production is based on the maximum flexibility to follow the specific requirements of customers, studying exclusive customized solutions, such as jacquard fabrics, laminations and special treatments.


Summer / Winter

Fabrics for all seasons.

Superfine pure linens, light as a veil but alive and whippy, lead us to high summer.

Blended with silk give light and fresh fabrics, for a discreet and reassuring luxury. Stretch cottons, clean and compact, are perfect in spring and fall, and enhance a daily dress, casual and refined, where comfort does not compromise elegance.

Wools and cashmere warm in the colder months, and again combined with cotton offer a modern dress, where the style is not form but content.


Wearing pleasure

Borghi 1819 fabrics stand in the collections of the luxury brands from around the world.

From the big names of Made in Italy, to New York designers, from Paris fashion houses, to the emerging London and the Far East. Up to the most qualified names of prêt-à-porter and the best quality single-brand chains.

Interpreted at best by our customers, are transformed into fine blouses, dresses and suits, skirts and pants in high range. All clothes where Borghi 1819 fabric is not an actor at low cost, but the real star.



Offices and Legal Office
Via B.Marcora 1
21010 Besnate (VA)

Tel 0331 988860
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